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After last month’s “Let’s Play,” Emiru, RTO and their communities walked away with a 1-1 tie. Who do you think will take the W in this special 1v1 “Let’s Play” for this month?

Radiance had a relatively quiet month as we entered the new decade. Nonetheless, the organization still had key moments and so here is our January Radiance Rewind!


Hoa “Anakin” Luu returned for EVO Japan 2020 last weekend, hoping to take the title. Even though Anakin made it out of the first pool and advanced to the second day, he was eliminated in round 2.

He’ll be looking to bounce back once the TEKKEN World Tour returns!

Street Fighter V

After an eventful Last Chance Qualifier tournament back in December, Jesse “Commander Jesse” Espinoza has been quietly grinding on his newly partnered Twitch channel

Even though Capcom Cup tournaments will not resume for a couple months, Commander Jesse has participated in multiple local tournaments such as “Wednesday Night Fights” and the “Worlds Collide SFV Tournament.”

Earlier this week, he placed 1st in the first “Wednesday Night Fights” tournament of 2020.


David Lei “JustSaiyan” Shan and Muzahidul “Muzzy” Islam are currently in Arlington, Texas! For this weekend, they’re competing in the first Masters Tour tournament against over 200 competitors. 

The tournament will be hosted on the Hearthstone YouTube channel.

League of Legends

We are still finalizing some details and are hoping to have a more concrete announcement in February! Keep an eye on our News page!

Let’s Play with Radiance

We returned with “Let’s Play with Radiance” earlier this month with Commander Jesse starting it off. That week, he and Anakin got back into the groove of things and played against viewers in their respective games. 

In the following week, we had Emily “Emiru” Schunk, Wes “RTO” Guarnera, and their communities compete against each other. Unfortunately, there was only time to play two matches. This left both streamers and their community with one win apiece but we’ll be back in February with more matches between them! Whose side will you be on?

While Muzzy played with the community in Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, JustSaiyan started off the stream playing the new adventure: Galakrond’s Awakening. 

To conclude January’s “Let’s Play with Radiance,” John “Wanted” Lin streamed for almost 6 hours, playing with his community in Overwatch Quick Play for the first two hours. He then shifted over to custom games, such as The Floor is Lava, before wrapping it up.

Our Events page will be updated soon with February’s “Let’s Play with Radiance” schedule!

Radiance Rivalry

Radiance Rivalry returned last night with Hai and LemonNation changing things up, playing TEKKEN 7 for this month. The tournament structure had the pair compete in a best-of-3 first to 10 series.

While Lemon took a couple games throughout the match, Hai’s experience with the game gave him the edge to get his revenge. When the dust settled, Hai won in a clean 2-0.

As a conclusion, the duo queued up for a quick game of ARURF with some community members to end the night.

With this loss, Lemon will be doing the same Death Nut Challenge that Hai had done for his punishment. If you have suggestions on future punishments, come by our Discord and let us know!

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Look forward to next month’s edition of “Radiance Rewind!” We have some amazing announcements coming up soon… 🐔🍳

For tonight’s Let’s Play, we will have Emiru’s and RTO’s communities go up against each other in custom 5v5s!

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