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About Us

Radiance is a new esports organization founded in 2018. Our vision prioritizes creating a culture of being respectful, friendly, and positive. These are the driving principles behind the talent we pick up, the content we create and the people we choose to work with. We stand firmly in the belief that gaming is about having fun, meeting new people and creating unforgettable experiences. This is Radiance.

Hai LamHai LamCEO, Founder

Hai Lam is the CEO and Founder of Radiance, a new esports organization dedicated to spreading positivity, respectfulness, and friendliness to the gaming community. He is an esports veteran dating back to 2012 where he began competing at the professional level for the North American League of Legends Championship Series. As a member of Cloud9, Flyquest and Golden Guardians, he had a helping hand in growing each organization while winning multiple titles and reaching the World Stage on numerous occasions. Now, Hai looks to bring his positivity to the community with Radiance and hopes you'll join along for the adventure.

Kasumi YogiKasumi YogiCMO, Co-Founder

Kasumi "Sumichu" Yogi is the CMO and a co-founder of Radiance. Combining her ad agency skills as a Digital Marketing Strategist with game industry experience stemming back to 2010, Kasumi lead brand and esports strategies for a variety of titles across BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's portfolio. With a passion for combining gaming and a good cause, Kasumi has also helped raise over 10 million dollars for charity as the current Communications Director and Event Manager for Games Done Quick.

Katrina LeeKatrina LeeCFO

Katrina Lee is Chief Financial Officer for Radiance. She is a Tax Accountant turned Esports finance guru. Katrina is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and investor relations. She also leads all human resources activities. Her career spans more than 9 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy. She has worked with players and teams from a large scope of games including Cloud9, Golden Guardians and TSM. Since 2015, she has worked to educate players and support staff on tax law and personal finance including serving as Chief Financial Officer for BunnyFuFuu.

Stephanie HuaStephanie HuaSocial Media Coordinator

Stephanie "May Yuki" Hua is the Social Media Coordinator for Radiance. Steph was first introduced to esports in 2012 as a fan of League of Legends. With her social media and community building prowess, Steph hopes to connect with fellow esports fans and grow with Radiance.

Zhi KoZhi KoPartnerships Manager

Zhi "NekozTek" is the partnerships manager for Radiance. His background includes a six sigma certification in process management. In 2013, he began trading traditional assets and launched his fintech based fund in 2017. Zhi uses his background in engineering and six sigma to advise projects across the space in the realm of business development.

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