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New Year, New LoL Team!

After roughly two months of tryouts, Radiance is happy to announce our League of Legends amateur roster. The team will compete in the open qualifiers of the Proving Grounds Circuit, hosted by Unified Esports Association.

TC porsche

In the top lane, surrounded by Powder Kegs, is Gangplank extraordinaire, Shane “TC porsche” Higginbotham. Higginbotham recently broke into the amateur scene, playing for the Wildcard Developmental roster in early 2021. He then joined a collegiate team in the summer and has been a part of that roster since. A new face to the amateur scene, Higginbotham is set on proving that he is one of the best future top laners in North America. He especially looks forward to go up against Evil Geniuses Prodigies as he has “a lot of friends on [that] roster.”

TC Porsche’s Twitter

TC Porsche’s Twitch


Returning to Radiance’s jungle is Vinh “Bluster” Nguyen. Nguyen was part of the Radiance 2020 summer roster, playing in Challenger’s Uprising Season 3 and the Risen Summer Open Qualifier. He then joined Evil Geniuses Prodigies for the remainder of the year. Now, he’s back and hungrier than ever to compete in this year’s amateur circuit.

Bluster’s Twitter

Bluster’s Twitch


You’ve heard of Omran “V1per” Shoura, you’ve probably heard of Rayan “General Sniper” Shoura as well. But have you heard of Bilal “Crimson” Shoura? The twin brother of General Sniper and younger brother of V1per, mid laner Crimson has been playing League since season 8, hitting Challenger over the summer of 2021. Recently turning 15, Crimson looks forward to competing against his brothers, believing that “it would be super fun to compete against people [he’s] grown up with and have fun at the same time.”

Crimson’s Twitter

Crimson’s Twitch


“You get what you give.”

These are the words that former Zoos Gaming ADC Sami “Raheen” Raheen goes by. After a year in the amateur scene, Raheen is “looking towards the journey that [Radiance] will take [him] through.” Like TC Porsche, he has his eyes set on taking down Evil Geniuses Prodigies as well, as it is home to some of his friends.

Raheen’s Twitter

Raheen’s Twitch


Going on this Magical Journey with Raheen in the bottom lane is support Brett “lightpulse” Narkiewicz. Having played for Dignitas Mirage during the 2021 summer, lightpulse is “ready to put that work in” with this new roster.

lightpulse’s Twitter

lightpulse’s Twitch

“Our main focus going into 2022 was to take players who we found to have the most potential, and give them an environment and the resources to help them improve the most. Through a combined effort of scouting, we are thrilled to have these 5 players competing under the Radiance name. They are future academy stars.”

Coach Nova on the roster

“I’m super excited for 2022 with these players, I have high hopes for them and want to support them on their journey to becoming pros. Make sure to keep an eye on them as I’m confident they’ll be able to earn themselves a spot on an Academy or LCS team in the future. Let’s go!!”

Hai Lam, CEO/Founder of Radiance
League of Legends Roster Video

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