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A Radiant Roster

IRVINE, Calif., (September 17, 2021) – Radiance is excited to announce that they are officially fielding a competitive Valorant team. They have been working hard to find the perfect fit of players to represent the organization’s foray into Riot’s FPS game.

Signing with the players of Good Fellas, the roster will be representing the Radiance banner immediately.


Making the calls in game is Controller main Christopher “Rebo” Heindel, former IGL for Moon Raccoons, Andbox, and Soar. Having come from a semi-professional CS:GO background, Chris picked up Valorant during beta and has been playing consistently.

“We are extremely excited to join Radiance. We know we will be a top team and have been putting in the work to prove it. Radiance putting their faith in us shows we are close to our goals and having a player-based organization couldn’t make us happier!”

– Rebo on signing with Radiance

Venturing forward, Anthony “venture” Ziade will gather information for the team to confidently attack or defend their sites. Ziade quickly picked up Valorant, using his understanding of CS:GO, Rainbow 6, and H1Z1. Having played on multiple Tier 2 Valorant teams, Ziade is ready to show why he’s one of the best.

Duelist Zander “FIEND” Bates will be picking off enemies in a blink of an eye on his Jett and helping his team secure the win. Like his teammates, Bates comes from a CS:GO background, competing in ESEA Advanced for 2 years. After playing on Moon Raccoons for the latter half of 2020 and Good Fellas most recently, Bates is “really excited to start [his] professional career under Radiance!”

Alongside Bates is fellow duelist Shaun “cheatcode” Quinto on his Skye. Where his teammates competed in past CS:GO tournaments, Quinto’s previous competitive scene was Fortnite, having qualified for Winter Royale 2019. While Quinto had some short experiences with free agent teams such as Enhance and Spotlight, Radiance will be his first org and he “can’t wait to work under Radiance with the boys and click heads.”

Holding it down for his teammates is former SSG Cypher main Youssef “sSef” Daghache. Daghache has plenty of competitive experience in Battalion 1944 under Sedated and Pure Gaming, boasting two top 2 finishes at Fragadelphia and a top 16 in Blitzkreig $50k Major in Amsterdam! Additionally, Daghache also competed in local CS:GO LANs in Ontario, winning several of them with his friends.

“I’m eager to show everyone what we’re made of and climb far up the leaderboard as a team. I’ve looked up to Hai since watching LCS so it’s really cool to join an organization run by him!”

– sSef on signing with Radiance


The team’s coach is Benjamin “trainer” Bravo, who first started out as a player for BBG Academy during Valorant beta. Shortly after, he transitioned to a coaching position with Luminosity Gaming for about a year before becoming the Good Fellas coach.

“I look forward to greatly improving the roster and the players over time. I’ve already seen great improvements from the players since I joined and team and I’m pumped to prepare them for the highest level of play.”

– trainer on working with the team

Alongside trainer will be team manager Viet “Waffle” Nguyen, who has previously managed for 303 Quartz, OG4Z and numerous project teams.

“Ever since Valorant came out, I knew it was a game that I wanted to be involved in. I’ve been talking with various players and people within the scene to try and make this happen. It’ll be really fun being able to support them all and see how far we can go!”

– Hai Lam, CEO/Founder of Radiance

Make sure to support our team in the upcoming tournaments! We will be sharing information on when they are as we get them, so keep an eye on our social media!

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