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Radiance is Ready for the Summer!

On the eve of the Summer Proving Grounds Circuit, Radiance is pleased to announce our return into the Amateur scene!

In the top lane is Philip “TheRealPhilip” Zeng. Zeng has been challenger for many seasons, dominating the rift playing champs like Jayce, Wukong, and Rumble confidently. He quickly became a top laner that was respected in solo queue for his consistency and skill. While he has played on different teams in amateur, his most notable attempt was being a part of LBGN during last year’s Scouting Grounds Circuit where they placed high in many tournaments. Philip looks to prove that he should be regarded as one of the best top lanes in amateur.

Vinh “Bluster” Nguyen, the jungler, has been playing League of Legends since Season Two. He recently turned 15, which allowed him to participate in Proving Grounds 2021. After hitting Challenger in S11, he has set his sights on winning amateur. While new to the scene, Nguyen is excited to grow and compete!

Chase “shochi” Capello has been playing since Season 1. While he has had some short experiences in amateur, he considers joining Radiance as the first real commitment to a team. While he’s known to provide some good memes on Twitter, he’s going to show why he should be taken seriously in game as the mid laner.

Bradley “Vex” Miller, the bot laner, brings a veteran perspective to Radiance. First joining the NA AM scene in December 2016, he has played on a variety of teams and fulfilled a multitude of responsibilities. With Radiance, Miller is excited to work alongside his teammates to take a step forward to develop himself and his team as a whole!

Last but not least, support Ryan “Qitong” Hahn first caught the eyes of scouts in amateur at the beginning of 2019. This had been the first year he had hit challenger in solo queue. His time in amateur was short lived, but he never stopped developing himself as a player. He’s fulfilled roles as a sub and coach for different teams, but he’s making his player debut again as the support for Radiance.

We’re committed to taking players with an excellent base line of talent and then setting an expectation of what development should be in the North American Amateur scene. These players are eager to learn and develop themselves into the next generation of talent and we’re excited to get started.

– Nova, Coach of Radiance LoL

The roster recently qualified into Challengers Uprising (CUP) Season 3 and will be playing in their first match tonight against Supernova!

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