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June saw the beginnings and conclusions of multiple tournaments for our players. Along with these tournaments, we had roster changes and released the new additions to our Classics collection.

Here is June’s Radiance Rewind!



Season 1 Playoffs

The top 4 players from Division B were required to participate in a play-in stage before Season 1 Playoffs officially began. This included Muzahidul “Muzzy” Islam who competed against James “Firebat” Kostesich. Offstream, Firebat defeated Muzzy 3-2 in a close match.

Once playoffs began, David “JustSaiyan” Shan’s first opponent was Edward “Gallon” Goodwin. Both players bought the same four archetypes (Warlock, Hunter, Demon Hunter and Warrior), with their Quest Warlock deck in particular having the exact same cards as each other.

Gallon’s Highlander Hunter defeated Saiyan’s Tempo Demon Hunter deck in the first game. In the second round, the two found themselves in a Tempo Demon Hunter mirror matchup. Saiyan chipped Gallon’s health down and forced Gallon to concede.

In the third round, Saiyan used Quest Warlock against Gallon’s Tempo Demon Hunter deck. During the match, Gallon appeared to have the upper hand. However, Saiyan cleared the board and activated Plot Twist to heal himself back up. Unable to counter Saiyan’s plays, Gallon dropped the 3rd game as well. In the fourth round, Gallon successfully stopped Saiyan’s Dinotamer Brann/King Krush combination but Saiyan had a backup plan. He had exact damage through a combination of his hero weapon (Desert Spear), Kill Command, and his hero power. Saiyan moved on to the Winners Match and his opponent would be Brian “bloodyface” Eason.

Saiyan started off strong, winning the first two games with his Tempo Demon Hunter and Quest Warlock. However, his Highlander Hunter deck struggled to find a footing as bloodyface reverse-swept Saiyan, sending him to the Decider Match.

Later that day, he went against Paul “Zalae” Nemeth. The winner would be moving onto the top 4. Saiyan bounced back from his loss to bloodyface, defeating Zalae and his Tempo Demon Hunter deck with a quick 3-0.

Top 4

The next day, Saiyan faced off against a fellow Division A opponent: Eddie “Eddie” Lui. Saiyan’s Tempo Demon Hunter brought him to a 1-0 lead through a great combination with Skull of Guldan and Altruis the Outcast. Eddie tied up the match in the following game, finding a way to freeze Saiyan’s King Krush. In game 3, Eddie successfully invoked Galakrond and took the lead 2-1. In game 4, Saiyan’s Highlander Hunter deck had been unable to defeat Eddie’s decks so he brought out Quest Warlock for a mirror matchup. Despite risky plays from Saiyan, Eddie found the opportune moment to play Zephyrs the Great and end the match with Avenging Wrath.

With this loss, Saiyan was eliminated from playoffs.

Hearthstone Masters Tour – Jönköping

A week after the conclusion of the Season 1 Grandmasters playoffs, both players participated in the Hearthstone Masters Tour Jönköping. Due to the travel restrictions, some players had to wake up early in the morning or pull all-nighters to compete. Despite these potential limitations, our duo and over 300 other competitors still showed up to compete.

For this stop, Radiance’s duo brought similar decks: Tempo Demon Hunter, Egg Warrior, and Galakrond Stealth Rogue. However, Saiyan stayed with the Quest Warlock while Muzzy changed things up with a Spell Druid deck.

Saiyan dropped his first round 2-3 to DimitriKazov but won his following four rounds, including a 3-0 sweep on stream against Neirea. He ended Day 1 with a 4-1 record. The next day, Saiyan was unable to replicate the previous day’s success. His only win was against Magipreme (3-2). His final record was 5-4.

On the first day, Muzzy dropped only two games against Fujitora (1-3) and Smaug (1-3). With only two losses, he moved on to day 2. In the final 4 games, Muzzy defeated all of his opponents. His final record was 7-2.

Even though neither players were able to move onto the top 8, they were both able to earn prize money based on their performance. We look forward to seeing them compete in the next Masters Tour!

League of Legends

At the start of the month, Radiance League of Legends made a roster change. Our former support, Trevor “King” Roy stepped down and we brought in Johnson “Cao” Cao. You can learn more about him in our announcement.

B.I.G. League Season 3

On the first Friday of June, B.I.G. League playoffs began. Our team faced off fellow amateur team, Supernova. This match was only a best-of-1, meaning that there were no second chances for either side. The early game was rough for the Radiance team, with Supernova holding a 5k gold lead by the 15-minute mark. However, the team was able to punish some mispositioning from Supernova and grabbed an ace – including a triple kill from Andrew “Andybendy” Forman.

Andybendy’s Triple Kill

After a series of trading picks and objectives, Radiance broke open Supernova’s base. By the 25 minute mark, Supernova only had the bot inhibitor turret left standing and the gold lead was even. At 28 minutes, Radiance called for the Baron. Through a combined burst from Supernova’s bot laner – Evan “EvanRL” Lawson – and jungler – Nathan “OddOrange” Ryan, they stole the objective away from Radiance. Through this objective steal, the momentum shifted back towards Supernova and they ended the game 2 minutes later.  

Upsurge Premier League (UPL) Summer 2020

For the month of June, Radiance’s run through the Upsurge Premier League (UPL) concluded with a 4-2 record in the Infernal Division. Our only 2 losses had been to arguably the best amateur team in North America: 100 Thieves Next.

VS Supernova

Our first round opponents in the UPL playoffs was a familiar organization: Supernova. In the first five minutes, Radiance’s bot lane duo grabbed 2 kills. Kills and the gold lead remained close until the 15-minute mark as Radiance began catching out Supernova members scattered around the jungle.

A lead slowly built up for Radiance until an explosive team fight broke out near the Baron pit at 24 minutes. Radiance aced Supernova, with Avi “Im Avi” Behar walking away with a triple kill and the team securing Baron. With the Baron buff on all 5 members, the team pushed in all lanes in a 1-2-2 formation. A fight broke out by the bot lane inhibitor turret, but Radiance was ready.

Radiance’s Game 1 victory against Supernova

The early game in game 2 was a bit calmer. For every kill that Supernova secured on Radiance, the team punished it by grabbing an objective on the other side of the map.

Around the 20 minute mark, a teamfight broke out and Supernova’s mid laner’s – Eain “always plan ahea” Stearns – Orianna shut down Andybendy with a Command:Shockwave. Even though Andy was the first to fall, Radiance wiped Supernova shortly after and rushed to Baron.

Radiance wins a mid-game teamfight against Supernova in game 2

With this lead, Radiance continued to win subsequent teamfights before destroying Supernova’s Nexus at 31 minutes.

Radiance’s Game 2 victory against Supernova

The team advanced to the next round of UPL Playoffs where they will face 100 Thieves Next once more.

VS 100 Thieves Next

It was a rematch against 100 Thieves Next for the UPL Winner Semi-Finals.

100 Thieves Next took no prisoners in both games as they jumped to a hefty lead in the early game and never let it go. While Radiance successfully shut down carries and fought back, 100 Thieves Next defeated them in a resounding 2-0 to advance to the Upper Finals.

Radiance will be back the following Tuesday (July 7) against Simplicity Esports.

Challenger’s Uprising (CUP)

Radiance was invited to compete in Challenger’s Uprising, a new organization designed to be another bridge between the amateur and professional scenes of League of Legends. Each match was a best-of-2, and points were given to teams based on whether it was a 2-0 win or a 1-1 tie. Teams that lost 0-2 would not receive points.

Our team struggled to have the same success as in other tournaments, winning only one game. Their overall record going into this week of CUP is 1-3-2 (W-L-D) and only had 5 points, which meant that the team was eliminated from CUP Playoffs.

Radiance’s Match Record in CUP as of June 30th

Focus Championship Series (FCS)

Due to the structure of CUP, teams had to reschedule several matches on Wednsedays in the Focus Championship Series. Thursdays, in the meantime, were unaffected so matches were still held on those days. FCS placed Radiance in Division 3 against XT Esports, Red Square, and Slaughter House. Even though Radiance dropped 1-2 to XT Esports in the first week, the team bounced back from this loss and dominated their division. By the end of the regular season, Radiance was the first seed with a 5-1 (game record: 11-3) record.

VS Polar Ace (Playoffs Round 1)

For FCS Playoffs, teams fought on the rift in a best-of-5. Our first round opponents were Polar Ace Esports, the second seed of Division 2. Polar Ace came out swinging and won the first game. Radiance refused to back down, winning the second game off of a clutch 1v3 from Young “Young” Choi’s Azir during a late game teamfight.

Young’s 1v3 in Game 2 of FCS Playoffs

With the series tied 1-1, Polar Ace turned up the heat and won the following 2 games. The final score was 1-3. Due to the structure of the FCS Playoffs, the team was not out yet. This coming Thursday, they will be competing in the Loser’s Bracket against Long Beach Gurb Nation.

Risen Champions League (RCL)

On Sundays, Radiance continued competing in the Risen Champions League. RCL placed us in Group A, alongside Mirage Esports, Supernova’s sister team – Supernova Dark Matter – and Slaughter House. With 5 games played over the month of June, Radiance remains undefeated at the top of the standings. Our last match will be the first Sunday of July, against Mirage Esports, before Playoffs.

Legends Weekend League (LWL)

Along with these third-party organizers, FACEIT is also the host of a weekly tournament that is held every Saturday. This tournament is known as Legends Weekend League (LWL). 16 teams participate in 8 rounds of Swiss-style bracket in a best-of-three for 8 weeks.

So far, only 4 out of the 8 weeks have concluded. Radiance’s record in LWL is 3-1, having dropped their first weekend to Life Support. Their following opponents were World Class Empyreans, Supernova Dark Matter, and Simplicity Esports.

Going into all of the leagues we experienced a slow start, but recently I’m proud of the team’s success. We’re growing at a rate much faster than I expected and I see us as a real contender for the overall Scouting Grounds Circuit. As July comes around, we’re putting lots of focus into the tournaments we’re performing highly in, such as the LWL and UPL, and we’re excited to continue competing for first place.

– Coach Mervin-Angelo “Dayos” Lachica on the upcoming month


The PUBG squad continued participating in the PCS1 NA Group Stages during the first half of June. As mentioned previously, 24 teams were in the group stages but only 16 would go on. The bottom 8 would play in relegations.

PCS1 NA Group Stage Week 2

While the team struggled to get beyond 9th place in the first four rounds on day 1, the team tied for first in the fifth round. They had placed 3rd but walked away with 12 kills, earning 17 total points.

Going into day 2 of the week, the team pulled together 29 kills – the second most for the day. Even though they didn’t grab any 1st places for this weekend, their dominant performance on the second day helped them maintain 4th place overall! Additionally, they placed 2nd in that lobby – just underneath the Susquehanna Soniqs.

PCS1 NA Group Stage Week 3

During the first two games, the team started off slow – placing in the bottom half of the group. In game 3, the squad was all wiped out – save for Lari-Pekka “LosHD” Hopiavuori. Through some sneaky maneuvering, he picked off some members of DUEL and living with 7 HP. He survived until the top 4, earning the team more points.

LosHD’s sneaky kill

This momentum continued in game 4 when LosHD and Agron “Waldoe” Jashari work together to annihilate Carnage Gaming.

In the final game for the night, the team was wiped early and placed 13th. Fortunately, they were able to grab 3 kills, giving them 7th place for that round.

The team came into the last day of the group stages at 6th place overall. While there were no chicken dinners for the day, the squad still picked up kills throughout all the rounds and maintained their position in the overall standings. This, of course, meant that the team would also be moving onto the Grand Finals later in the month.

PCS1 NA Grand Finals Week 1

The PCS1 NA Grand Finals followed a similar structure as the group stages. The 16 teams would compete in a total of 20 games, split into 5 games for four days.

On the first day, the team’s placement varied. Even with 12 kills and a 2nd place finish in the fourth game, the team was in the bottom half of the standings (11th place).

Day 2 was a completely different conversation. The team came out swinging in the first game, placing 5th in the lobby with 7 kills. Game 2 was even more dominant as they took down 10 players and took home the chicken dinner!

The PUBG squad’s chicken dinner in game 2

Even though that was the only chicken dinner for the night, the team continued placing among the top 8 (except for the last game) and taking some of the other players in the lobby with them.

With the second day’s performance, the team shot up to 6th place overall with 42 kills!

There are still 10 more games to be played and we look forward to watching them drop into the battlegrounds!

Really happy with how the new team has been coming together. We had an average week 1. Def[initely] threw some games and if we played some situations better [we] could be sitting around 1st and 2nd. Going into the final week , [the] team is feeling good and working on little things that pick us apart early game. Feeling confident and definitely looking to catch up to STK and win it all!

– Kevin “Miccoy” Linn on the team’s performance


It was the final weekend of the Phase 1 Regular season and Radiance’s final opponents were Sanguine Esports. The first time we faced them, it was an exciting 2-1 victory for our SMITE team.

VS. Sanguine Esports

Going into this final match of the SPL Regular Season, fans were in for another treat. Game 1’s early game was the Kennet “Adapting” Ros show. He was 3/0/1 by 8 minutes and had a level lead on the opposing jungler, Rafael “Panitom” Guerra. However, Sanguine punished an over-commitment, finding their way back into the game. Despite our best efforts to keep SNG down, they pushed past us and ended the game.

SNG were the ones with a strong early game in game 2. That is, until Max “Aror” Jackson skittered over to the Gold Fury and stole it with Khepri’s Solar Flare. SNG attempted to stop our momentum and keep the lead in their favor. In the end, we won two consecutive teamfights and the gold lead shifted back in our favor. Soon, we broke open the base and took down SNG’s Titan at 26 minutes.

Game 3 was the most explosive in the set, but it definitely didn’t appear that way at the start! There were no kills for the first 13 minutes when a teamfight broke out and Ben “Benji” McKinzey intercepted a fleeing Sebastian “Ronngyu” Chavez Calle. Radiance stole away the Fire Giant at 25 minutes, but SNG took out Benji and Adapting in the ensuing fight. SNG then pushed down mid, taking out our bot lane as they tried to defend. Jordan “BigManTingz” Theaker took down SNG’s jungler and mid laner in response.

Skirmishes continued until Radiance attempted to secure the FG at 50 minutes. SNG stood their ground against Adapting’s engage, taking him, Aror and CycloneSpin down. With only 2 members left alive, SNG finished the grueling 52-minute game and secured their #1 seed off this victory.

SPL Playoffs

Entering the SPL Phase 1 playoffs, seeds 3-6 went against each other while the top 2 seeds had a bye. Based on our seeding, Radiance faced Pittsburgh Knights in the first round of playoffs. Also, the set went from best of 3’s to best of 5’s in a single elimination bracket.

VS Pittsburgh Knights

While Radiance had the kill lead in game 1, PK held the gold lead. At 26 minutes, all our turrets were down. Benji initiated a teamfight as PK were resetting, but PK nearly get a deicide in exchange for two of their members. Both teams played it safe until a fight by the FG broke out. PK caught out Radiance and ended the game shortly thereafter.

But that was only the first game.

Both sides started off cautiously until around 11 minutes when Radiance nearly wiped PK without losing a single member. Radiance kept up the momentum and slowly built up a lead before going for the FG at 18 minutes.

PK defended their base at 20 minutes, taking down Benji and Adapting and forcing Radiance to reset. During the next siege, Radiance successfully picked off PK’s jungler and support. Rotating over to the right Phoenix, they took down the objective along with PK’s support and top. With only one man left standing, Radiance took down the Titan.

The early game in game 3 became the CycloneSpin show with a 5/0/1 score on Hou Yi before 10 minutes. And Adapting wanted a piece of the pie as he took down PK members as the game transitioned into the mid-late game. After securing the FG for the second time, the team destroyed the right Phoenix, taking down PK’s solo laner and duo lane. CycloneSpin’s Hou Yi had 6 kills and 4 assists while Adaptin’s Da Ji had 6 kills and 6 assists. Neither one died.

The early and mid game for game 4 were in Radiance’s favor with kills spread out among the team. PK tried to fight back, getting 10 kills by the end of the game but Radiance’s gold lead led them to victory.

VS Sanguine Esports

In the first game, we found ourselves with a gold lead even though the kills were close. SNG followed Radiance towards the FG, trying to pick off Benji. But the rest of Radiance was there, taking down three members of SNG. After securing the FG at 30 minutes, the team took down the left Phoenix and four members of SNG. The Titan fell shortly after.

SNG took control of game 2 through a strong early game, leading in kills and objectives. Radiance, however, fought back as much as they could with a fight breaking out every couple of minutes. The final teamfight at 34 minutes was SNG’s victory as they took down our Titan. The final kill count was 30 (SNG) to our 18 (RAD).

Games 3 and 4 was almost as bloody as both sides traded lives for objectives. But Radiance came out on top both times off a dominating performance from Adapting and his Da Ji.

The team was moving onto the Grand Finals against Ghost Gaming.

VS Ghost Gaming

Games 1-3

The first game was heavily in Ghost Gaming’s favor as they continuously picked off Adapting in the early game. However, we fought back and evened up the score with a 5k gold lead. At 30 minutes, the team began scouting near the FG but Ghost caught out Benji and Aror – forcing us to back off. The final fight broke out in the long lane and even though we took down Ghost’s mid and support, Ghost turned the fight around and took down our Titan.

Game 2 remained close. After securing the FG, the team pushed the left Phoenix. During a siege towards Ghost’s middle Phoenix, BMT and Aror were picked off. However, minions were pouring into Ghost’s base and Adapting nearly pulled off the backdoor victory, dropping the Titan’s HP was about 25%. Despite the open base, Ghost positioned near the FG as Benji and CycloneSpin snuck in through the jungle near the long lane. With the damage that Adapting had put on the Titan, Benji successfully took it down.

Ghost dictated the pace in game 3, but we put up a great defense at 23 minutes and nearly get a deicide. However, Radiance tried to catch out Michael “PolarBearMike” Heiss (PBM) near the FG but Ghost was ready for it. They nearly wiped the team and were at match point.

Game 4

Kills and gold were even for the most part until a combined engage from Benji and Aror caught Ghost off guard. Even though this fight started in our favor, we had overstayed our welcome as Ghost moved in and wiped everyone but Cyclone before moving towards the FG and Pyromancer.

We defended and stalled out the FG buff, biding our time for the FG to respawn. In a pretty similar scenario, Radiance took down 3 Ghost members before moving towards the FG. But this time, they were much healthier and secured the FG without opposition. With the FG buff, the team pushed forward for the right Phoenix.

After securing the objective, Radiance peeled back to reset but Ghost pursued them. With the team split, it seemed dire for Radiance – especially when sam4soccer executed Adapting with Thanatos’s Hovering Death. In a 4v5, Radiance successfully disengaged and kept Ghost from ending the game.

Once Adapting respawned, the team grouped together in the left lane and destroyed the Phoenix. As minions poured into the base, it forced sam4soccer to recall and the team took that opportunity to take down the FG. But Ghost wouldn’t let them take it down without a fight. Unfortunately for them, the fight fell in our favor as we took down 4 members, forgoing the FG buff. Even though sam4soccer took down a low-health Adapting, there were still more Radiance members than Ghost left standing.

Ghost’s Titan fell and the two teams were going to a game 5 in the SPL Phase 1 Finals.

Game 5

The last game was one of the most intense matches ever during this phase. And it definitely didn’t start off that way! Ghost had a kill lead in the early stages of the game as skirmishes happened all over the map. Things seemed dire in the mid game with Ghost holding a 3k gold lead and 10 kills to our 3. However, the following ten minutes, Radiance fought back and punished overstepping Ghost members. The gold lead had also swung back in our favor by 25 minutes.

Any time a fight broke out, both sides were much too low to secure anything major. Neither team could fully crack open their opponent’s base either as the game dragged on. The kills and the gold continued climbing as the FG fell multiple times during the game.

The timer slowly approached an hour. Ghost had 35 kills and Radiance had 30. 1-for-1s were still traded this late into the game, preventing either team from gaining an advantage to end the game.

That is, until both teams gathered by the FG for the final time. PBM caught out Adapting and Aror. Rather than secure the FG, Ghost pushed for the middle Phoenix. Ghost destroyed the Phoenix and pushed for the victory, ending the game after a 63-minute slugfest.

Even though our SMITE team finished 2nd place in Phase 1, we are incredibly proud with how well they did despite the regular season struggles. We’re excited to see what will happen in Phase 2!


The Blink All Star Challenge is a SFV invitational tournament that selects the top 16 players from the west coast to compete in a double-elimination bracket for a $5000 prize pool and the Crown of Blink All Star Challenge. It was hosted by BlinkEsportsRD on June 13th-14th and Jesse “Commander Jesse” Espinoza was one of the invitees.

Jesse’s first opponent for the night was Long “LPN” N. and Gill, whom he defeated 3-0 and advanced to the Winners Quarter-Final.

His opponent for this round was Chris Tatarian and his Ken. Jesse jumped ahead to a 2-0 lead against Tatarian, poised to advance to the top 8 with another 3-0. Tatarian refused, bringing the score back to a 2-2 tie. In the final round, Jesse held his ground and defeated Tatarian 2-0 and moved on with a 3-2 score.

Jesse returned the next day for the top 8, facing Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis first. It came down to the wire between Jesse’s Dhalsim and Snake Eyez’s Kage, but Snake Eyez came out on top with a 3-2 victory. Jesse was sent to the Losers Quarter-Final, facing Putthivath “Samurai” Chea.

This matchup was also a close set as the two split the match 2-2 and both sides were a win away from advancing to the next round. The combined health between the two was less than 25% with 30 seconds on the clock. And then Samurai’s Akuma walked up to Jesse’s Dhalsim.

Dropping out at Losers Quarter-Final, Jesse finished 5th place out of the 16 competitors for the tournament!

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