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League of Legends Roster Update

As we move into June, we are making an official change to our League of Legends roster.

Johnson “Cao” Cao will be the new support for our Scouting Grounds Circuit team. Originally known as Eclipse, Cao played as the ADC for Clutch Gaming Academy and Optic Gaming Academy in 2018. After role-swapping to support at the end of 2019, Team Liquid Acadmey picked him up for the Spring Split.

“I’m excited to play with Radiance to further develop my shot-calling and leadership skills!”

– Cao on joining Radiance

You can also find him on Twitch here!

As Cao steps in for the roster, Trevor “King” Roy will be leaving our team. We thank him for his time and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Also, we would like to formally introduce our Radiance fans to our League of Legends coach and team manager: Mervin-Angelo “Dayos” Lachica and Jonathan “Nova” Baadsgaard, respectively.

“While we’re sad to see King go, we’re excited about the future potential of this roster with Cao jumping in as a starter.”

– Coach Dayos on the roster change

Welcome to the team!

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