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Welcome LosHD and Waldoe

About a month ago, we announced that Benjamin “Nerf” Wheeler and Joshua “Aghila” Parganel would be stepping down from the PUBG roster. We have been working behind the scenes to find players that would fit well with our roster. And now, we are pleased to announce our newest additions to the team!

Please join us in welcoming Lari-Pekka “LosHD” Hopiavuori and Agron “Waldoe” Jashari!

Lari-Pekka “LosHD” Hopiavuori

LosHD got into PUBG in early 2017, playing it casually with some of his friends. About a year later, he found himself playing more competitively thanks to his good friend, Michael “hypoc” Robins. He played under other teams in the PUBG scene before, such as the Rumblers for most of 2019 and most recently, Raise Your Edge. While LosHD hasn’t played battle-royale games until PUBG, he is familiar with FPS games, having played Counter-Strike for nearly two decades!

“My most important goal for now is to make Radiance one of the top teams in NA. After that is achieved, it’s time to practice even harder to compete against the best in the world.”

– LosHD’s goals with Radiance

You can find him streaming more PUBG via his Twitch channel and also keep up with his life via his Instagram page!

Agron “Waldoe” Jashari

Waldoe also got into PUBG through a friend’s recommendation and began competing after about a year of playing, representing Rumblers and Susquehanna Soniqs. He’s also a former teammate of Los, having played together on Rumblers! Before PUBG, he played CS:GO for a couple hundred hours but prioritized his grind on PUBG once it came out.

“One of my goals as a part of Radiance is to become one of the best teams in North America and with enough practice together, the world. I’d also want to stream more and grow my brand alongside Radiance.”

– Waldoe’s personal goals

“The choice was pretty easy when it came to picking them up. I knew that if they were available, we’d want them. The talent and experience they bring is invaluable. As Rumblers, they showed what they can do against the highest of international competition. The flexibility of their game will help us perform well in different tournaments regardless of who we’re up against.”

– Coach Ryan “Logic” Hayes on picking up Waldoe and LosHD

“Excited to have our roster complete! I’m looking forward to seeing our team perform and acquire many chicken dinners.”

– Hai, CEO & Founder of Radiance

We look forward to seeing them in action alongside Miccoy and Baddylul for this weekend’s PCS Charity Showdown!

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