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A New Dawn

The day is upon us.

After the conclusion of our tryouts and finalizing the details, we are now ready to announce our League of Legends roster.

Please welcome Engo, Im Avi, Young, Andybendy, and King!

Alvin “Engo” Ngo

In the top lane is former FlyQuest Academy player Alvin “Engo” Ngo. His previous experiences range from open qualifiers to amateur and professional tournaments. Most notably, of course, is his starting position on FQA in 2018. With that roster, he placed 1st during the playoffs, defeating Echo Fox Academy 3-2.

“With me joining Radiance, I will prove that my efforts will not go to waste and maintain their history of success.”

– Alvin “Engo” Ngo

You can also find him on Instagram!

Avi “Im Avi” Behar

Avi “Im Avi” Behar is officially playing under an org as he will be signing on as Radiance’s jungler. He first started playing League in season 3, having come straight from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In recent years, he has played on several amateur teams, such as “avixd” where he and his team placed 4th in the Scouting Grounds Circuit last year. You may also recognize him as UCI’s (University of California, Irvine) primary jungler for the collegiate scene over the past two years.

“Going into the Scouting Grounds Circuit, I want to show why I’m the best jungler in the scene.”

– Avi “Im Avi” Behar’s goal in the SGC

Young “Young” Choi

Young “Young” Choi is our mid laner. He has played League of Legends since season 4 (2014), maintaining a Diamond+ rank and even hitting Challenger last season with his trusted Syndra. He has been a part of the amateur scene since 2018. Young was a former member of Polar Ace and Lowkey Esports in recent months, winning the UPL 2019 Fall Playoffs.

Andrew “Andybendy” Forman

Andrew “Andybendy” Forman will be the ADC for Radiance. Coming from a background of Starcraft 2 and DOTA, Andybendy has played League of Legends since season 1. He has played for teams in collegiate, amateur and Academy scenes, such as Optic Academy (2018) and Columbia College. But his competitive experience is not limited to just North America. He was a member of Enclave Gaming, a UK-based team that qualified for EU Masters in 2018!

Trevor “King” Roy

Rounding out the team is Trevor “King” Roy on support. King has only been a part of the amateur scene since January 2019, but you may recognize him as the support from Team Issue is Critical. With this roster, he and his teammates placed first in the UPL 2020 Spring – Mountain Division. In the playoffs, the team made it all the way to the UPL Spring Finals and placed second.

Along with this announcement, we are bidding farewell to our coach Galen “Moon” Holgate. He recently accepted a job as the CLG Academy Head Coach! Congratulations to him! At this time, we are finalizing a new coach and will have more news soon!

“It took us a while to find the right people to bring onto our amateur squad! We’re excited for them to compete in all the amateur events and see how far we can go.”

– Hai, CEO & Founder of Radiance

Our squad will be participating in BIG League Season 3 and the Upsurge Premier League in the coming weeks! We hope you’ll support them in their tournaments!

Welcome to Radiance!

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