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PUBG Roster Update

Hello everyone!

We’ve been working closely with the PUBG team since their signing earlier this year. After discussions with the players and staff, all parties have agreed that Joshua “Aghila” Parganel and Benjamin “Nerf” Wheeler will both be stepping down from the team.

They’ve made the decision to pursue streaming and a professional career in VALORANT. For the time being, they will be streaming under the Radiance banner. As they grow, we will continue to support them on their journey as content creators and potential future as professional VALORANT players.

With this roster change, we’re actively looking to rebuild our PUBG roster! If that is something you are interested in, please be sure to reach out to the coach Ryan “Logic” Hayes.

As Aghila and Nerf shift towards streaming and content creation, be sure to check out their twitch channels and show your support!

Aghila’s Twitch

Nerf’s Twitch

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