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Woori Joins Radiance

Radiance is happy to announce the expansion of our Influencer team with the addition of woori!

woori first got into gaming shortly after League of Legends came out of beta. That same year, she became a superfan of CLG (Counter Logic Gaming) after watching them win WCG (World Cyber Games) 2010. Inspired by the pro play, she took up streaming which she has done casually for the past few years. After watching some gaming couple creators in Korea, she was inspired to grow her stream and vlogs more!

When streaming, you can expect to see her play League of Legends but she also loves playing a variety of games including Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and more. While rare, she may even do a couple cooking/baking streams!

When she’s offline, she is a full-time software developer. She is also a full-time caretaker for her two “children”: her boyfriend, GGS (Golden Guardians) support huhi, and her husky, Haru! You can also expect to see them to pop up on woori’s stream frequently as they are a big part of her life.

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woori’s husky, Haru

I’m extremely excited for this opportunity to work with Radiance – I’ve always had a huge respect for Hai and what the Radiance brand exemplifies! Here’s hoping we can all grow and create wonderful communities together!

– woori on joining Radiance

Woori is a new addition to the Radiance family. I’ve known her for a long time and she’s always been a super positive and friendly person. She streams a bunch of different things from IRL to gaming. I’m happy to have her join Radiance and welcome her community to ours!

– Hai, Founder and CEO

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