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Radiance Rewind: March

We announced our newest partnership, began officially rebuilding our League of Legends roster, and more this month!

Here is March’s Radiance Rewind!

League of Legends

We announced our newest addition to the Radiance organization: LoL coach Galen “Moon” Holgate. As a former professional League of Legends player, he will be looking to use his experience to coach up-and-coming NA talent. 

Working together with Radiance, both his and our primary goal is to create a strong amateur program that will help our players improve their skills and find a home on an academy or LCS team!

At this time, our tryouts have concluded and we look forward to introducing the players soon!


Last weekend, David “JustSaiyan” Shan and Muzahidul “Muzzy” Islam participated in the next stop of the Hearthstone Masters Tour. Intended to be held in Indonesia, concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 resulted in a relocation to Los Angeles. As the pandemic continued to spread, Blizzard decided to host the tournament online. In accordance with California’s statewide “stay at home” order, there was also no live broadcast until the top 8 matches.

Even with these changes, there was still over 200 participants that gathered online for the weekend. As this was the Masters Tour, the rules still stayed the same: 9 swiss rounds split up between the first two days and the top 8 players would move onto the last day.

For this tour stop, the duo brought in a mix of similar and different decks from each other. Muzzy’s decks were Quest Druid, Highlander Rogue, Highlander Mage, and Combo Priest. Saiyan’s decks also had Quest Druid and Highlander Mage, but had Galakrond Highlander Rogue and Dragon Hunter.

In the first 3 rounds, Saiyan and Muzzy jumped to a quick 3-0 each. Muzzy defeated ProBeater, pilou, and Disdai while Saiyan defeated Joy, Harry, and avenging his loss at Arlington against brimful.

As they went into the next 2 rounds, Muzzy continued his dominant run and defeated AyRoK and Melody, ending day 1 undefeated. While Saiyan dropped round 4 to totosh, he bounced back against Goppy to conclude the day with a 4-1 record.

The next day, Muzzy was unable to continue the winning streak and lost the following 4 rounds against Gyong, Bozzzton, shanOz, and dudu. His final record was 5-4.

For Saiyan, he dropped 2 games to Swidz and iNS4NE – eliminating him from top 8 contention – but was still able to grab 2 wins against FAST and Hoej. His final record was 6-3.

With the introduction of Demon Hunter, Hearthstone’s first new permanent playable class, and the introduction of a new deck from the upcoming expansion, the Hearthstone duo will be looking to bounce back! They will be preparing for the return of Hearthstone Grandmasters, when the 2020 Season 1 begins next month!

The new class and set rotation happen about a week before Grandmasters starts so I’m really looking forward to deckbuilding and trying out the new Demon Hunter class. Hopefully, this really shakes up the meta and I adapt to it quicker than my opponents in the new season.

– Muzahidul “Muzzy” Islam


In case you missed it…

Thank you to everyone that has supported us in this last year!

With COVID-19 getting worse throughout the month of March with no end in sight, I hope everyone is staying safe and quarantining themselves if they’re able to.

For all the healthcare workers saving lives, we appreciate you and thank you for your work.

– Hai, CEO & Founder of Radiance

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