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Video Content in the FGC

Standing on the stage, the newly crowned Evo 2017 Street Fighter 5 champion Tokido said something many of us agree with: “Fighting game[s] [are] something so great.”

Since that moment, the Fighting Game Community, also known as the FGC, has only grown in both viewership and participation. More than ever, people are watching their favorite players battle their way to victory at tournaments all around the world, broadcast on live streams, and occasionally, on network television.

However, the FGC is more than just the stage and the battles that take place on it. The FGC is also made of the tournament organizers that work hard to bring the stage to life. It’s made of the commentators who lend their voice and knowledge to the audience. It’s made of the developers and publishers who work hard to create a game that fans will enjoy. It’s made of the thousands of people who support their favorite players and games every day.

When he isn’t traveling all over the world to shoot video for companies like Evo, BANDAI NAMCO, Noclip, and Capcom, Esteban Martinez, also known as The Besteban, has been dedicating his time to documenting the history of the FGC on his channel, Hold Back To Block. He creates narratives that allow fans to connect with both the players on stage and the people who work behind the scenes. He gives us insight into the lives of people who work tirelessly to provide us with quality content.

We’ve asked Esteban how we can support him in his efforts. In response to this, Esteban is launching a new Special Contributor tier on Hold Back To Block’s Patreon, for organizations to support his work without any changes to his scope or workflow.

Radiance believes the content that Esteban creates is a great benefit to the FGC. As such, we’re doing what we can to support him. We hope that others will lend their support as well.

This is Radiance’s first step in an effort to support content creation in a different way. As the team grows, we’ll be looking for more opportunities to provide support to creatives in gaming.

You can follow Esteban around the world on his Twitter and Instagram, check out all of his video content on his YouTube channel, and support his efforts on Patreon.

Header Photo Credit: lordofultima

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