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Radiance X TetraSupps

IRVINE, Calif., (March 6th, 2020) – Radiance is proud to announce our official partnership with TetraSupps!

TetraSupps was founded by gamers working for a leading brain health company, Procera.  As the parent company, Procera partners with top brain researchers around the world to formulate premier health supplements that support memory, focus, mood, and other brain-related concerns. Over the years, their doctors participated in thousands of clinical studies evaluating brain performance.

With Procera’s support, TetraSupps launched with a mission to create top of the line health products specifically designed to give gamers peak brain performance in both gaming and everyday life.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Radiance. First, we’re big fans of their players.  But more than that, we love their vision for creating a gaming culture that is respectful, friendly, and positive. As brain researchers, we understand that our emotional environment can have a profound impact on overall brain health.  So, we applaud Radiance’s commitment to creating an overall gaming experience that’s the most positive it can be.”

– Scott Beibel, TetraSupps CO-Founder and CEO

“It’s great to see TetraSupps get involved in esports! I’m excited to continue providing our players the resources they need to feel and perform at their best.”

– Hai Lam, Radiance Founder and CEO

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