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Radiance x ZOWIE

IRVINE, Calif., (August 10, 2019) – Today, esports organization Radiance is proud to announce their partnership with ZOWIE, one of the top developers of competitive gaming hardware worldwide.

As a company with a focus on the experience of players and fans, ZOWIE is top of mind for many when it comes to gaming monitors.

As many members of Radiance are long-time users of ZOWIE monitors and are excited for the partnership.

“Here at Radiance, we want nothing but the best for all of our players. When we thought about what monitors we would want them to use, ZOWIE is the first that came to mind. Having used them for years, we can trust the quality of their product and couldn’t be more excited to have everyone be equipped with the best in the business.”

Hai Lam, Radiance CEO

“Developing products for gamers to compete at the highest level while supporting the esports community as a whole has always been the goal of BenQ ZOWIE. We are extremely excited to partner with Radiance to support their teams and players but to also help create a culture dedicated to strengthening the gaming community through respectful competition.”

Richard Luu, ZOWIE Marketing Specialist

Radiance and ZOWIE are looking forward to enhancing the esports experience for both players and fans together.

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