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Welcome Jungler, Young “Hyper” Seo!

They will tremble in awe.

Radiance has signed with a new jungler, Young “Hyper” Seo! Hyper is a rookie jungler, only having participated in amateur tournaments in the past couple of months.

But don’t let that fool you! Hyper has played since season 3 with his go-to champ being Lee Sin.

Even though he may have some big shoes to fill after the departure of OddOrange, we know that Hyper is more than ready to take on this challenge.

Want to see more of his big plays? Follow him on his Twitch!

Hyper is relatively young, but I’m excited to see how he grows as an individual and player. Hopefully he’ll learn a lot from playing under us and become a valuable player down the road!

Hai Lam, Radiance CEO

Hyper is a mechanically gifted young player with a bright future. We are excited to see how he grows through the rest of the scouting ground circuit!

Sam” Luci├Žn” Bourcier, assistant coach

I’m excited to work with Radiance because it will allow me to learn from the veterans since most of them have had experience with Academy or LCS. Hopefully with their mentoring, I’ll be able to play on the stage in the future!

Young “Hyper” Seo, Jungler

It’s a warmachine difference. Facts.

Hyper’s favorite saying

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