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RTO_LOL joins Radiance!

When you hear the word “one-trick,” a couple of players probably come to mind. Trick2G and Udyr, BoxBox and Riven, KatEvolved and Katarina…but how about RTO and Renekton?

Radiance has signed on another League of Legends Influencer, RTO_LoL, the “Renekton One Trick Pony with over 6000 games!” When RTO first started out in LoL, he wasn’t a Renekton one-trick. When his brother introduced him to the game back in season 1, his go-to champion at the time was Sion. He then moved over to Lee Sin but was unable to continue the grind on the Blind Monk due to 200+ ping while stationed in Guam during his service for the US Army. During that time, he chose Renekton “because he seemed pretty easy and had a point and click stun” only to quickly realize that this crocodile was going to be a challenge to master. Even now, RTO admits that he’s still learning new ways to play the Butcher of the Sands.

Welcome to Radiance, RTO!