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Anakin Joins Radiance for TEKKEN 7

Radiance is entering the FGC with TEKKEN 7 professional player Hoa “Anakin” Luu joining the team.

With experience in multiple games in the TEKKEN series, Anakin has proven himself to be one of the top competitors in the world with a TEKKEN 7 top 8 placement at Evo 2017 and qualification for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals in both years of its existence.  After taking the top placement in the 2018 TEKKEN World Tour’s North American rankings, the Red Bull athlete is looking to dominate the scene once again in the 2019 TEKKEN World tour under Radiance.

“Without a doubt, I’m extremely thrilled to be competing under Radiance,” Luu said. “The TEKKEN scene has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years, so I look forward to what we will accomplish together in the days to come. The future looks bright!”

With the announcement of the 2019 TEKKEN World Tour, we’re excited to cheer on Anakin as he gets ready for the next battle!

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