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Announcing Radiance’s Amateur League of Legends Team

Most of us know about the LCS (League Championship Series) scene, including the Academy rosters. But there’s also an amateur scene consisting of aspiring high-rank players. And so, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Radiance’s first official team: former players from the League of Legends amateur team Buff Katarina (AKA Polar Ace): Aetheres, OddOrange, KatEvolved, Jurassiq, and Winter!

Formerly known as “Flaresz,” Cuong “Aetheres” Ta is the Top laner of the team. Some of you might remember him from his time on Enemy eSports (NME), Winterfox (WFX), Renegades (REN), and Team Dragon Knights (TDK) during the 2015 and 2016 LCS seasons. Aetheres and his bot lane teammates, Jurassiq and Winter, participated in the 2018 TCS (Tyler1 Championship Series) Tournament as “Polar Ace” and placed first!

Nathan “OddOrange” Ryan is the mastermind in the Jungle. He has been a Challenger jungler since 2013. He played with his first competitive League of Legends team, Complexity Gaming, in 2014, in the NACL (North American Challenger League). He took a break from League for about 2 years (late 2014-late 2016). At the start of 2017, he decided to come back and pursue an opportunity to play professionally once again. Orange soon climbed back to Challenger in solo queue and joined team Gates for the 2017 NACS season. Afterwards, he joined Echo Fox Academy in 2018 and played two splits with them, including a 2nd place finish in the 2018 NA Academy spring split.

Jackson “KatEvolved” Dohan is the mid laner. He started playing League of Legends in 2015 and climbed the ladder, reaching Challenger at the age of 15 during the 2017 season. He has held a Challenger rank since then. He is known for being the “Rank 1 Katarina” on YouTube and Twitch; his teammates even like to call him the Katarina one-trick.

Robert Clarence “Jurassiq” Mabansag is the ADC (AD carry). He originally played DOTA 2 but then swapped over to League of Legends in 2014. Jurassiq went pro in 2017, holding multiple accounts on the Challenger ladder. He’s played on several teams, his most recent being Golden Guardians Academy. Another recent accomplishment is when he qualified for the 2018 Scouting Grounds as the number 1 seed in the ADC role. Alongside Aetheres and Winter, he won the 2018 TCS Tournament.

Last but certainly not least, Olivier “Winter” Lapointe is the Support. Winter has participated in every Scouting Grounds held by Riot Games and has been Challenger since season 5. He played on Optic Gaming Academy for a short time before leaving the team. He then went to Korea for 45 days on a personal bootcamp. Upon returning, he joined Polar Ace and has been a part of them since, winning the 2018 TCS Tournament and multiple online matches together.

Joining them are their coaches: head coach Ian “Surza” Lux and assistant coach Sam “Luciæn” Bourcier.

Welcome to Radiance!

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